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Herington House School

Co-educational Preparatory School Ages 3 – 11

Latest Coronavirus News

We are keeping up to date with the latest news and advice from the government regarding coronavirus.


Latest Coronavirus News

We endeavour to keep our parents and pupils up to date with the latest advice from the government regarding coronavirus.


Latest Coronavirus News

Please keep up to date with emails for any advice or letters that have been sent out.


Latest Coronavirus News

Please check our Parent Information section for any advice or letters that have been sent out.


Our Principal

Mr Robert Dudley-Cooke

Our aim is to be an outstanding School both pastorally and academically – the first choice for children, parents and staff.

Herington House School is an Independent Preparatory School located in the heart of Shenfield, walking distance from Shenfield Railway Station. 

Herington House School is guided by a well-defined philosophy that endorses a devotion to learning and commitment to excellence. We are proud of our school community, where diversity and differences are valued, respected and celebrated by all and contribute to the richness of school life. This is embodied in our motto:

We offer a nurturing ‘whole child’ approach to education for boys and girls aged 3-11. We firmly believe that each child has something special to offer, and we will find it.

“At Herington House you feel safe
because the teachers look after you
and are really caring, especially 
when you’re not feeling well.”

“The small class sizes makes it
easier for the teachers to teach 
and help us with our work.”

“At Herington House School
we’re all really good friends,
like a big family.”

“In lessons there is a balance
of discipline and fun.”

Reception 2 Class Assembly

On February 14th 2020 Reception 2 had a class assembly about space. It was a class assembly so parents and grandparents were invited to attend. The assembly had a lot of facts and R2 did very well to speak clearly and confidently. Everyone was very amazed by how well...

Quick Sticks Hockey Tournament

On Wednesday the 26th of February Freya, Jenna, Sebastian, Connor and I went to Becket Keys to play 4 hockey games in the Quick Sticks Hockey Tournament. There was great attacking by Jenna and Freya. We also had some amazing defending from Connor and Sebastian. I did...

Healthy Eating assembly

Ms Dudley Cooke did an assembly about healthy eating on Thursday. The hymn numbers that day were the numbers 64 and 72. There were 3 videos that Ms Dudley Cooke wanted to show us. The videos we watched were produced by Tesco’s shop to help promote healthy eating. We...

Able writers day

On Wednesday the 26th of February there was Form 5 Able Writers’ day at Brentwood School. Able Writers’ day is when an author (in this case, award winning poet, Coral Rumble) comes to teach pupils about improving their writing. The author, Coral Rumble, taught us how...

CCHS Concert at Civic Theatre

On the 5th of February 2020, 16 pupils from Herington House School went to the Civic Theatre in Chelmsford to see CCHS’s (Chelmsford County High) Music Concert. I was really excited to go and the concert was amazing. There were...

Safer Internet Day 2020

On the 11th of February 2020, it was safer internet day! Mrs Atter told us that when the teachers were our age, the internet had not been invented, so that meant: no online shopping, if you wanted to know some information you would have to look in a book, you couldn’t...