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Performing Arts

Music and Arts

Music and The Arts present a perfect foil to the academic studies of the classroom. Therefore, great emphasis is laid on these activities and the School has a fine musical tradition.


The basics of musical understanding are taught and every class has some form of singing. Individual singing lessons are available. Recorder lessons are given to all children from the age of five and each child is given the opportunity to study individual instruments, including flute, clarinet, saxophone, piano and violin. The School has a small orchestra and choir. Children are encouraged to join the School choir and the orchestra. At various times during the year, the orchestra and the choir perform at concerts and at Speech Day. The children respond to these musical challenges with great enthusiasm and achieve a high level of performance. They learn to pursue their individual abilities, at the same time experiencing the excitement, satisfaction and the discipline of taking part in group musical activities.

Art and Craft

Painting, drawing, model-making, etc., often link naturally to all aspects of the school curriculum, as the walls of our classrooms frequently illustrate. Beyond that, we encourage the children to express themselves in artistic terms and to find pleasure and interest in the use of brush, crayon, needle and such materials as the teacher thinks will help develop the growing urge to make and produce something individual. The school’s Annual Open Day enables parents and friends to see some of the children’s work, both academic and artistic, and moreover set the individual child’s school performance against the background of the School’s current achievement at all levels.


There is a thriving drama group. Children are taught to observe and through their observations of human behaviour to act out various characters. Drama, too, teaches the basics of Theatre and the children are encouraged to write their own plays. Drama acts as an introduction to the world of literature and theatre and proves all important in confidence building for those participating. This often assists their studies in other directions. There is an annual School production to which all parents are invited. There is also Speech Training to L.A.M.D.A. examination standard which is available to interested children.