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Herington House School was founded as a preparatory school in 1936. The School Building dates from that date and was one of the first buildings on the then new private estate known as “The Mount”.

The premises have naturally been developed over the years since, to its current size with major extensions completed in 2002 and 2012 when the new school hall was constructed.

The School was acquired by the current Principal, Robert Dudley-Cooke’s family, in 1972 and benefits from the continuity that family ownership and commitment bring. Now into a third generation, the School is therefore in safe hands.

The motto of the School is Sunt etiam alii   translated as “There are others” . The children as they progress through the School gradually learn the importance of working within a community and the sentiments behind the motto are reinforced and held up as an exemplar and model for everyday school life.

The School has therefore been serving the local community now for 80 years from its humble beginnings to the thriving modern school of today.