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Headteachers Welcome



First and foremost we seek to create a happy secure safe and stimulating learning environment in which all children can grow in self-esteem and self-belief and develop their potential as growing individuals.

The School exists to support and develop each individual child in our care; we provide an individualized learning journey through a combination of rigorous academic challenges and nurturing support. We strive to ensure that every boy and girl moves on to the next stage of their education as self-confident, inquiring, creative, tolerant, independent thinkers.
At Herington House we understand how young children learn and this makes a real difference to their early development – and their future lives. In our happy and industrious Prep School we support every aspect of learning including helping parents to understand how children develop. Here, children, parents and the School all work together to ensure that we make the most and the best of each individual talent and aptitude that a child has. Not only do Herington House children achieve outstanding success but more than this, they are happy in doing so and thrive in our friendly and welcoming atmosphere. We achieve very high standards in education, music, art, drama and sport and these results and standards, are attained by happy children who enjoy their school life and the challenges they face.

Like all good quality Prep Schools, we are equally happy to support those children who work more slowly, as we are to extend those quicker learners, accepting all children and educating them in the fullest sense of the word. Even though we are a non-selective school, academically the great majority of our 11 year old children achieve success both to Grammar Schools and Independent Schools. 

We firmly believe that each child has something special to offer, and we will find it! We seek the “gearing upwards” of all academic achievements, while at the same time pupils enjoy success in music exams, participating in speech and drama festivals, receiving accolades in football, netball, swimming, cricket and athletics. 


Herington House School is guided by a well-defined philosophy that fosters devotion to learning and commitment to excellence. We gladly accept people of all nationalities and religions into our extended family. We encourage a diversity of viewpoints and an appreciation of different cultures, as embodied in our motto. “THERE ARE OTHERS”.

Our learning environment cultivates confidence, creativity, critical thinking and independent enquiry because we believe that the development of these attributes motivates children to fulfil their personal and social possibilities.

The School provide children with the opportunity and the time, to “find themselves”, in whatever area of development and at whatever level of achievement is appropriate for each individual.
Our aim is to be an outstanding School both pastorally and academically  - the first choice for children, parents and staff..


Proprietor: Herington House School Ltd. 

Contact: Mr. Robert Dudley-Cooke, Herington House School, 1 Mount Avenue, Hutton Essex, CM13 2NS