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About Us

Herington House School is an Independent Co-Educational School for Ages 3½ to 11

No of pupils: 125
Fees Per annum (Day students): £5,385 - £10,575
Religious Denomination: Non-denominational
Entry Requirements: After interview

The School is under the personal direction of the co-principals, Mr. & Mrs. R. Dudley-Cooke

and their Deputy Head Teacher, Ms. O. Dudley-Cooke

In all there are some 30 members of staff on the teaching side.



Herington House was founded in 1936 as a private day school.

The current premises have been added to considerably in order to diversify the amenities and widen the scope of the school's teaching and the games provision.

The School has gained a reputation for high academic standards and this reputation is zealously guarded.

The staff are chosen not only for their qualifications, expertise, experience and commitment but also for their ability to motivate and lead children to reach their full potential.

The aim of the school is to provide an environment where each pupil can realise this potential. We believe this is best achieved in an extended family environment in a caring community in which each child is an important member of the school. Happy children thrive in a calm, orderly but purposeful world where they are treated as individuals. First and foremost we seek to be a happy school.

Properly organised learning requires a willing response from the pupil. Within our framework the School aims to achieve a happy and calm atmosphere so that children of whatever temperament or level or ability are encouraged to give their best. Herington House is a caring school with classes that are sufficiently small  to ensure that teachers can really know their pupils and thus pin-point any difficulties at an early age.

Herington House has a high local reputation for well behaved, courteous children and with the co-operation of parents, we intend this will always be so. The School has an unofficial motto "There are others" to emphasise consideration and thoughtfulness for other people.

Children continue their education up to the age of eleven and take the appropriate examinations for secondary schools of their parents' choice. We have an exceedingly high rate of success both for Independent and Grammar Schools. The size of the school is maintained at around 130 pupils.  Children normally join the school when they are three and one half years old.  Application to join the school hereafter that age, can always be considered, subject to availability. Children have a rounded education which can be divided under three headings - the academic curriculum - music and the arts - sport.